If you want to achieve your goals, the focus is a key ingredient. But is focus a matter of willpower, or a time-management issue? The truth is it’s sometimes willpower, and sometimes time management, but neither is the full story.

What is my Body Budget?

Body budget is a way…

Often wonder where your mind wanders off .

The day is over, your head hits the pillow and you can finally relax… and right on cue, your brain decides now is a great time to go over everything you’re anxious about, from the time you said the wrong thing to…

We’re addicted to being productive and in a constant state of ‘busy’. Even in our downtime, we’re on a mission to finally listen to that podcast or binge that TV series. Or maybe we’re fearful of letting our thoughts wander. …

Do you often feel dull and unproductive??

If you’re attempting to move forward and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you may be stuck in an emotional rut.


An emotional rut is a ‘stuck’ feeling — a state of mind where you are turning up for work, classes, workouts, or…

Hi All,
I was recently inspired to solve the Cargo 2000 dataset problem statement to find the number of legs (i.e., stops)


Andreas Metzger (andreas.metzger ‘@’ paluno.uni-due.de)
paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology)
University of Duisburg-Essen
Gerlingstraße 16
45127 Essen, Germany

Data Set Information:

A description of the underlying Cargo 2000 standard https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/Cargo+2000+Freight+Tracking+and+Tracing.

The dataset consists of a plethora of null values, so I filled those null values with mean.

Data Science

What is Data Science??

Data science, analytics, and machine learning are growing at an astronomical rate and companies are now looking for professionals who can sift through the goldmine of data and help them drive swift business decisions efficiently.

Data science is a concept used to tackle big data and…


Object Detection

Given a set of object classes, object detection consists in determining the location and scale of all object instances, if any, that are present in an image. Thus, the objective of an object detector is to find all object instances of one or more given object classes regardless…

resolution 2020

A large number of individuals on the planet make New Year’s goals each year, but just a little part figure out how to keep them.

Perhaps the most compelling motivation individuals neglect to keep their New Year’s goals is on the grounds that they’re not explicit enough. For instance, making…

Suraj Negi

Upcoming Data scientists and curious about stuff.

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