Ways to Quiet a Busy Mind

Often wonder where your mind wanders off .

The day is over, your head hits the pillow and you can finally relax… and right on cue, your brain decides now is a great time to go over everything you’re anxious about, from the time you said the wrong thing to your boss to the year you forgot your partner’s birthday.

“When everything is quiet your brain says ‘A-ha! Now is my time’,”.

“Sometimes a creative or positive idea will surface, but often it’s negative thoughts that are jostling for attention.”


However, imagine a scenario where you need to keep on tending to your bustling psyche away from the activity tangle. Whenever you’re attempting to be available, attempt these strategies:

  • Where your eyebrow meets your eye
  • The outer side of your eye
  • Under your eye
  • Under your nose (on the indentation in your upper lip)
  • The middle of your chin
  • Your collarbone point
  • Under your arm (below your armpit)
  • The top of your head

Continue this tapping circuit for as long as it takes for your mind to feel at ease.


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